letting leggo go

letting leggo go


kneading institutions,

wringing wants.

leading revolutions,

wrangling foes.

arranging Around,

without A sound,

without A breath,

roses hung.


fostering alliteration,

phantom needs.

heightening altitude,

sounding speed,

sounding waves,

without A curl,

without A lip,

roses swam.


binding slightly,

veering aloof.

Needing organization,

strangling proofs.

winding A round,

waving without,

draughting A glimpse

roses shone.


to take a stance,


wander chanced,


to gnow, impose,

understanding growth….


– compose – decompose –

– decompose – compose –


ouroboros jigged … jogged …  zigged ….  zagged… came, one and at once all

the way home.


by Hartley Banack



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