Job Openings


The Department of Language and Literacy Education (LLED), located in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Point Grey), is currently advertising for 33 different tenure-track positions that have recently become available. This is an open call for qualified persons to fill the roles of:


The President of Poetry

The Senator of Sympathy

The Bishop of Best Wishes

The Deacon of our Dreams

The King of Kindness

The CEO of Someone Cares

The Chancellor of Cheer

Conductor of the Consonants

Viceroy of the Vowels

Commandant of Compassion

The General of Generosity

The Legionnaire of Love

The Hierophant of Personal Heroes

The Emperor of Empathy

The Wizard of Wisdom

The Chaplain of Charm

The Emir of Institutional Miracles

Viscount of Virtue in Daily Affairs

The Crusher of Crises

The Pharaoh of Forgiveness

The Prime Minister of Mercy

Grand Master of Grace in the Face of Opposition

Provost of Peace under Pressure

The Regent of Respect

The Godfather of Gifts

Azam Rais of Academic Redemption

Mayor of the Marvellous

Vice Admiral of Admiration for Others

The Vicar of Invigorating Investigations

Exchequer of Intellectual Rebellion

The Director of Desperation & Dissertations

Guardian of our Great Ambitions

The Chief Justice of Joy in All Things



Interested candidates are invited to submit a letter of application, a curriculum vitae, statements of research interests and teaching philosophy, recent reprints, and evidence of teaching performance, all in electronic format via the online application system. Applicants should also arrange for at least three letters of academic reference to be sent electronically to


Deadline for applications are perpetually ongoing after 11:01 am, March 07, 2019.  These positions are subject to final poetic approval. Poetic and narrative inquiries should be directed to UBC is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however Creative citizens and linguistically perplexed residents will be given priority.

by Kedrick James

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