A Strong Beat Stops the Mind, Frees the Feet

A Strong Beat Stops the Mind, Frees the Feet

for Carl Leggo

Wherever you go we’ll go and get it on
with bongos and congas and tom toms
and golden bees on silver strings
stung by crystal violins, and a bale of horns
to blast the masses–we wail, we rage
rebel spirits all ablaze burning with tangos
in our skins. We’ll belong to the gong
and ringing bells, blow conch shells
shake a rattle to tell a tale and tattle
on terrific and terrible, tumultuous things.
You breathe out and we breathe in
your ageless face so full of youth adjusts
to new beginnings, drops a line in tangled
rhyme and sets it free, we three kings
in harmony, you, the good lord, and we
who remain, scaring death with our glee,
so alive we are, with your poetry. You open
minds, doors, hearts, and more, partied
hard until four when as intended, the world
we knew ended, and bade us sleep in
with charms, freed genies, empty message
bottles; and string theories sing with pipes
and keys and insect symphonies ride night-
sky riffs high in the organic staves beyond
the graves, now exploding peonies, willow
trees, palm, crossette galleries with empty walls,
reverberate, so our vacant heart calls. We’ll
drown in this too, up to our fluted necks in blues
in rounded vowels and plosive endings for poets
love endings, like a good pet who’s there as sun
sets to set free the charms that shoo our misery
we do more than make do, when sing we do
our songs for you.

by Kedrick James

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