Hi Carl!

Hi Carl!

I am talking with you
Who created me anew

I am singing with you
Who showed me my voice

I am living with you
Who lit the fire within me

I am dancing with you
Who encouraged me to move

I am learning with you
Who taught me to be myself

I am teaching with you
Who encouraged my talent

Do you know what you did with me?
In my dark days of loneliness
In my silence
And resistance
And prejudice

You loved my fear
My story
My voice

And you shared your story
With me

So you left yourself
Your voice
Your story
With me

So whenever I miss you
I look inside
I look within
And I see you
And I find you

You did not teach me faith
You were faith
And belief
And inspiration
And truth
And courage

I cannot not say goodbye
As long as I see
And hear
And touch
You in me!

But I can say hi
For now
And forever!

by Saeed Nazari

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