A Strong Beat Stops the Mind, Frees the Feet

A Strong Beat Stops the Mind, Frees the Feet for Carl Leggo Wherever you go we’ll go and get it on with bongos and congas and tom toms and golden bees on silver strings stung by crystal violins, and a bale of horns to blast the masses–we wail, we rage rebel spirits all ablaze burning […]

Hi Carl!

Hi Carl! I am talking with you Who created me anew I am singing with you Who showed me my voice I am living with you Who lit the fire within me I am dancing with you Who encouraged me to move I am learning with you Who taught me to be myself I am […]

Mon Professeur

Mon Professeur Healer of wounded writers near and far Introducer of wonder Mentor to seeking souls Bestower of breath Inspirer of words Friend forever Now no longer Angel above Mon professeur Adieu by Trina Penner

I am full of light and sand

I am full of light and sand, Full of trees, I am full of roads, bridges, rivers, and waves, Full of a shadow of a leaf on the water, How lonely I am inside.   From the poem of “The expanse of green” by Sohrab Sepehri, a famous Iranian poet Translated and dedicated to Carl […]

Job Openings

  The Department of Language and Literacy Education (LLED), located in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Point Grey), is currently advertising for 33 different tenure-track positions that have recently become available. This is an open call for qualified persons to fill the roles of:   The President of […]

letting leggo go

letting leggo go   kneading institutions, wringing wants. leading revolutions, wrangling foes. arranging Around, without A sound, without A breath, roses hung.   fostering alliteration, phantom needs. heightening altitude, sounding speed, sounding waves, without A curl, without A lip, roses swam.   binding slightly, veering aloof. Needing organization, strangling proofs. winding A round, waving without, […]